Mount Tambora Trekking

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Mount Tambora (or Tamboro) is an active stratovolcano, also known as a composite volcano, on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia.
Sumbawa is flanked both to the north and south by oceanic crust, and Tambora was formed by the active subduction zone beneath it.
This raised Mount Tambora as high as 4,300 m (14,100 ft), making it formerly one of the tallest peaks in the Indonesian archipelago.
After a large magma chamber inside the mountain filled over the course of several decades, volcanic activity reached a historic climax in the super-colossal eruption of April 1815. The 1815 eruption is rated 7 on the Volcanic Explosivity Index, the only such eruption since the Lake Taupo eruption in about 180 AD.
With an estimated ejecta volume of 160 cubic kilometers, Tambora’s 1815 outburst was the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history.
The explosion was heard on Sumatra island (more than 2,000 km (1,200 mi) away). Heavy volcanic ash falls were observed as far away as Borneo, Sulawesi, Java and Maluku islands.
Most deaths from the eruption were from starvation and disease, as the eruptive fallout ruined agricultural productivity in the local region. The death toll was at least 71,000 people (the most deadly eruption in recorded history), of whom 11,000–12,000 were killed directly by the eruption; the often-cited figure of 92,000 people killed is believed to be overestimated.The eruption created global climate anomalies that included the phenomenon known as “volcanic winter”: 1816 became known as the “Year Without a Summer” because of the effect on North American and European weather. Agricultural crops failed and livestock died in much of the Northern Hemisphere, resulting in the worst famine of the 19th century.
During an excavation in 2004, a team of archaeologists discovered cultural remains buried by the 1815 eruption. They were kept intact beneath the 3 m (9.8 ft) deep pyroclastic deposits. At the site, dubbed the Pompeii of the East, the artifacts were preserved in the positions they had occupied in 1815.

Trekking Route :

Route Duration What We’ll Found There
Pancasila Village – Pos I 3,5 Hours At Pos I, there are basecamp and spring water
Pos I – Pos II 2 Hours Pos II, there we’ll found a small river
Pos II – Pos III 2,5 Hours Through tropical forest straight to Pos II, there we’ll found spring water
Pos III – Pos IV 1 Hour Tropical Forest
Pos IV – Pos V 1 Hour Tropical Forest
Pos V – Crater Rim – Peak 3 Hours Through tropical forest to Edelweis vegetation and desert.


Mout Tambora Trekking Package
Mount Tambora trekking is special for advance trekkers (for those who are beginners should have enough preparation in advance, exercise and jogging), our trekking trip start from Lombok island cross with ferry to Sumbawa Island and with car drive through Sumbawa to the trekking point at Desa Pancasila. Along the drive is beautiful nature and landscape.

Tours Itinerary :

Day 01: Lombok – Sumbawa Besar, stay overnight
Depart in the morning to Kayangan harbor to get Public ferry to Pototano port, Sumbawa.
From Pototano port continue drive to Sumbawa Besar Regency for 3 hours, stop here for overnight at Sumbawa Besar City.
Dinner and rest

Day 02: Sumbawa Besar – Desa Pancasila – Entrance gate – Pos 1
Early morning continue the trip to Desa Pancasila and arrive in the afternoon.
After lunch start trek to Entrance Gate (Pintu hutan Tambora) abour 30 minutes from Pancasila Village, take some rest, check up and water refill.
Trek continue to Pos 1 for 3 hours, reach the campsite of Pos 1 and set up the tent.
Overnight at Pos 1 in tent.

Day 03: Pos 1 – Pos 5 – Cemara Tunggal campsite,
Early morning start trek to Pos 2 for 2 hours, check up and water refill and continue trek Pos 3 for 2,5 hours, stop for lunch here. After lunch continue trek to the campsite at Cemara Tunggal. Arrive late afternoon, set up tent and overnight.

Day 04: Cemara Tunggal – Mount Tambora Summit – Desa Pancasila (B.L.D
Summit attack start at 04.00 and reach the top around 05.30 stay at the summit and waiting for the sun rise. After sun rise descend back to the campsite, breakfast and rest.
After breakfast descend back to Desa Pancasila, lunch en route. The trek finish around 5 PM, stay in Guest House at Desa Pancasila.

Day 05: Desa Pancasila – Sumbawa Besar – Lombok
Early morning depart to Sumbawa to get public ferry at Pototano port for Lombok island, arrive in the evening. Lunch and dinner en route

Tour Price :

  • Group 2 person         : USD585/person
  • Group 4 – 6 persons : USD395/person

Price Include :

  • Full board meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner during the trip)
  • 1 night accommodation in Sumbawa Besar
  • 1 night accommodation in Guest House at Desa Pancasila
  • Trekking Guide
  • Porter to carry logistic
  • Transportation during the trip
  • Return ferry Lombok – Sumbawa
  • Entrance fees
  • Tent, sleeping, mattress
  • Drinking water


Things To Bring

Extra cloth for change, small towel, sun glass, sun cream, camera and extra battery, some cash for personal need and tips.

Pick up and drop off point:

Pick up and drop off point is in Senggigi and Mataram city area, there will be additional charge accordingly for other location

Terms and Condition :

  • The price quote per person for Minimun booking 2 person
  • Child below 4 years old is free of charge
  • For Single or Solo Traveler will have additional charge 50%
    For booking more than 6 person
  • The tour will assist by English speaking tour driver
  • Reasonable and fair price and that means no hidden charge
  • For the payment you may pay upon start the tour and no deposit needed
  • Payment either in USD, Rupiah or other currencies based on the latest exchange rates